Our Dedication!

"We are dedicated to disrupting the conventional practices in both the hospitality and hair industries. Our mission is to educate and empower every business to transition away from harmful product ingredients and disposable packaging towards sustainable, infinitely recyclable, and refillable alternatives that not only deliver superior health and performance benefits but also ensure long-term positive impacts."

Luxury Hotel and Guest House Amenities

Dot & Lola provide you with a solution to the waste of small plastic bottles being taken from rooms because they are free. Have you ever considered that these complimentary products just sit in your guests cupboards. By using Dot & Lola products you can provide an alternative. Refilling and reusing is fast becoming the expected practice. Refill using our 5 litre bottles, available at wholesale prices. saving the planet waste and the business money.

We all wish we could speak to each guest individually. Now we can, through our guest amenities you can send a clear message that you care. You care for a future, you care for our planet but most of all you care about your guest. Our products can only be described as the future of cosmetics and will drive the message home of quality, commitment and uniqueness that your hotel has to offer.

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Retail is tough! differentiate yourself from the competition and send out a clear message that you want to help steer our future. Our customers are becoming very aware and we need to deliver on that promise that we care too. The rise in awareness of our planet and the products we produce is growing and we need to encourage and supply this need. Our products are changing the face of retail and making consumers more aware of their responsibilities. Let's change the face of retail together.

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Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

We believe that to truly spread your message far and wide you need to shout about it and by using Dot & Lola in your guest facilities then you are simply strengthening your message of care and commitment to their experience and once they realise you care, you have a customer for life.

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Professional Hair Salons

The Dot & Lola brand started out in our hair salon Gavin Taylor Hair as just an idea. An idea to share our ethos and creativity in a bottle. Showing the world that a naturally derived product can compete in a heavily chemical based industry.

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