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5 ways to make your hair look shiny.

This has to be the most common goal of any aspiring hair perfectionist. How to make hair look shiny and healthy. 

There is only one real answer and that is to create healthy, maintained and uncompromised hair, but the truth is, we all live in the real world and have real world problems, that simply stop this happening.

For example, hair requires a lot of care and attention and in the real world do we have the time to devote that to our hair. It just isn't a reality.

So we are going to uncover some secrets and myths about how and why hair shines and looks incredible.

1. I would love to tell you that you can just wave a magic wand and produce  great looking hair but this isn't the case but you will be pleased to know there are some easy techniques to improve the health of our hair. 

Our first tip is to start eating differently. You see what you put directly into your body shows up directly outside of your body and therefore increase condition from root onward. Its the usual suspects and this includes fresh fruit and vegetables and also my new favourite is to have a raw day. I take everything which you would expect to be cooked and slice it into a salad, create a olive oil and balsamic dressing and add cashews, chickpeas or feta to give flavour and protein. Also included in changing the way you eat is to drink more fluids, much more fluids. Water will remove any toxins in your body and prevent them leaving via your skin and hair.

2. Ok, lets take you back to physics, yes I know I am a hairdresser but we are academic too you know. You see shiny hair is all to do with physics and light reflection. Imagine a plain glass surface and just how light or sunshine reflects off of it. The surface area is one solid but it also has no holes, pitted marks or bumps in it which stop light bouncing back. 

Below is an image of a cuticle magnified. 

So the smoother you can get the surface of your hair the shinier it will be. The surface of your hair is called the cuticle and it has along it small door like openings which open the more damaged or porous your hair is. We have to close them doors to really improve the health and shine of your hair.

One easy way to do that is your good old straightening iron. Always section hair into 2 inch sections no bigger so that each section gets the maximum amount of heat to be most effective. Also when gliding irons over hair, move them slow and once. Don't be afraid most irons these days have safety features to stop burning happening. Gliding irons over multiple times on the same section will simply leave your hair damaged and un-straightened.

Invest in a natural bristle brush. Keep your hair in great condition by maintaining the quality of it. Brushing naturally releases loose and broken hair leaving behind the best hair. Do not worry new hair is always replaced when old hair falls out and its designed to, so brush away.

3. Products are an amazing way of improving air health and shine. It is very important though to purchase a product that is ethically and morally good. This includes a high level of plant based ingredients (check the order of them in the ingredients list. If they are at the bottom then keep clear.) These will not only improve the health of your hair but they will help to achieve a smooth blow dry or a surface shine instantly. Serums can be heavy so if you have fine hair look for shine sprays instead which are a lot lighter. Heat protection sprays are a must and do actually do exactly what they say on the tin. 


This is great heat protector from our salon partners.

It is so important to invest in your hair if you want it to be shiny and healthy. Over time like anything hair gets damaged and loses it vitality but if you maintain it you will see a massive difference in the quality and vibrancy.

4. Regular cuts will improve shine too. Having a regular hair cut maintains the quality of the ends of your hair which otherwise would get tired, thin and lackluster. Keeping the ends of your hair in order really does help increase shine. Your hair will be thicker and therefore hold its shape better and we all know thicker looks healthier. One of my tricks as a professional hairdresser myself is to cut in layers that are transparent. What I mean is the way I layer hair you can hardly see the beginning or end of the layers so that when I am straightening someones hair you just get a seamless smooth surface (when client has the hair to take it of course.) 

5. Conditioning Treatments. Now its time for indulgence. Why are we so scared of treating ourselves and this includes our hair as this is our crowning glory and should not be left out.

Before you go out and start spending money on conditioning treatments. I can probably guess you already have one or two in the cabinet already. These will include your daily conditioner too. Many people don't realise that your conditioner also doubles up as a treatment if simply left on for 10 - 30 minutes. Just pop a shower cap over conditioned and combed through hair and enjoy some time out. Conditioner takes time to work and in most cases clients just wash it down the plughole before it has had time to work. Slow down and enjoy the time for yourself. Maybe use it as an excuse to be on your own for 30 mins. Your cuticle will thank you and your new hair appearance will be the envy of everyone else. 

If you have any questions or comments do pop them in the comments below and we will be happy to answer them. We are hairdressing professionals so you are in safe hands.

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