"After years of dedicated experimentation at home, delving into research, devouring books, and exploring countless recipes, I discovered the perfect combination. Not only did it work wonders for me, but it proved effective for hair, skin, and body while remaining safe for our precious planet.

To embark on my own product range, I realised the crucial importance of comprehending each ingredient's significance and how it contributes to our mission.

Transitioning from a chef to a hairdresser during my teenage years instilled in me the belief that I could achieve anything I set my mind to. My profound passion for utilising plant-based ingredients stems from their harmonious interaction with our bodies. Rather than masking issues, our products work in tandem with hair and skin, achieving naturally glossy and healthy results. Furthermore, they uncover areas requiring attention, enabling users to take appropriate steps towards repair when hair or skin has been damaged by heat or chemical processes."

Gavin Taylor (Owner/Founder)

HAND LOTION - Dot & Lola


Imagine a world where toxicity is replaced with purity, where peace and forward thinking reign supreme. A planet that harnesses the abundant gifts it has already bestowed upon us. This is our vision, our why!

In our extensive 20-year journey within the hair industry, We have witnessed the dominance of major brands in the hair care market, leaving little room more ethical businesses to thrive. This frustrated us deeply. Additionally, with my own struggles with finding a company that prioritised natural ingredients while catering to my allergy-prone skin, which had suffered from past exposure to toxic, chemical-based products, fueled my determination to make a difference.

It has become a way of life and we want to share it with the world!


Dot and Lola emerged from an unwavering commitment to drive change within our industry.

Dot and Lola springs directly from the salon, meticulously crafted with our clients in mind. These clients seek authentic hair experiences they can recreate in their everyday lives. No more empty promises!

Our message echoes with clarity: we have one life and one planet. If we fail to transform each industry sector into one of genuine care, for both customers and the planet, we risk losing both before long.

Together, let us forge a new path of consciousness and responsibility, ensuring a future where care is at the core of every industry. Join us in creating a world that cherishes its inhabitants and safeguards the planet we call home.