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How a good hair day boosts a positive mindset

A bad hair day. It’s more than just an expression to describe our untameable tresses. It’s a phrase we use to imply that nothing has gone to plan since the moment we woke up. Why? Because we failed to take control from the outset. We welcomed the day with frustration, negativity and low self-esteem, and those feelings followed us, affecting everything that came after.

It stands to reason then that a good hair day brings the opposite effect, filling us with confidence and positivity. We’re firm believers in the benefits a good hair day can bring to our mental well-being. To understand it more, we thought we’d take a look at the psychology behind it all and why this feature of our physical appearance holds so much power. 

Why Do We Value Our Hair?

Value of hair

It’s in our history and culture

As far back as Ancient Greece, hair has been used to project a self-image of worth. Throughout much of our history, elaborate wigs and decorative hairstyles have been associated with wealth and status. Even today, wigs symbolise authority and wisdom in the court dress of our judicial system.

The biblical story of Samson gives us a religious legacy, his hair being a source of power, without which he became weak and vulnerable. And to this day, almost every world faith uses hair as a form of cultural expression, from the shaven heads of Buddhist monks to the dreadlocks of the Rastafarians.

Essentially, we value our hair because history and culture have taught us to.

It’s a sign of health and vigour

We’ve been conditioned to equate healthy hair with a healthy self. It develops as we mature, an outward indication that our bodies are working as they should. Reversely, unwanted hair growth can often be linked to an underlying health condition, particularly in the female population.

The loss of colour, or loss of hair itself, is something we associate with age, a sign that our bodies are slowing down, unable to function as they once did.

We value our hair because it reminds us that we’re young, fit and healthy.

It’s a powerful aesthetic

Whilst beauty is far more than skin deep, our appearance still plays the headline role when it comes to first impressions, especially in terms of attraction. The face is known to be more important than the body here, and our hair is the frame that completes the picture. Ultimately, the hairstyle of any potential partner has a subconscious influence on our feelings of attraction.

This subconscious impact also extends to memory. When we offer a physical description of someone, we generally refer to three key features – their height, their weight and their hair.

More often than not, we value our hair without even realising it.

The Benefits Of A Good Hair Day


When we look good, we feel good. It’s a simple fact.

And just as a ‘bad hair day’ sets a negative tone, a good hair day can have a huge positive impact.

For one, it can make us feel in control, and that’s a powerful emotion. Something as simple as a hairstyle, one which we’ve successfully managed and are proud to be seen with, can have a domino effect. That feeling of control trickles down into other areas of our lives and we feel empowered.

And of course, there’s the boost to confidence and self-esteem. These are visible emotions that can be seen in everything from our posture to our body language. All of these feelings contribute to the most important thing of all – a positive mindset. Through positive thinking, we can conquer our fears, achieve our ambitions and inspire those around us.

It may sound superficial to say that a simple hairstyle can have such a huge impact, but we’ve all felt that feeling of empowerment after a trip to the salon, as if our stylist has just given us licence to take on the world. 

And what’s better is that a good hair day doesn’t have to be limited to a trip to the salon. You can experience the same effects by taking care of your hair the right way, which for us means the natural way. By following a few simple steps for naturally healthy hair, you can reap the benefits of a good hair day every day.


Confidence from hair

By taking care of ourselves, we’re better placed to take care of those around us and have a positive impact on our world. This is our mantra – to live a life less ordinary and build a future full of beauty that stems from positivity and kindness. For us, a good hair day is just the beginning.


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