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Believe It or Not: No Bin Bags for 5 Years! Let Me Tell You How...

Let me explain!

At the beginning of 2019 we as a village decided, through the efforts of 10 local volunteers that we would no longer wanted plastic in our community.

We joined Plastic free and became a plastic free community!

There were many initiatives and we would hold monthly meetings to help and encourage more and more local businesses to get involved.

These included removing single use plastic bags and plastic chip forks, instead using locally handmade reusable tote bags and wooden forks. Simple changes that made a huge impact in our local area. We even convinced the local CO-OP that they should be using compostable carrier bags instead of single use ones.

Through many steering groups there were some incredible ideas that came to light and one idea that suddenly became glaringly obvious!

Our group leader announced one evening that she hadn't used a bin bag for over 20 years!!

I was totally confused and intrigued "What do you use if you don't use bin bags" I said. "The bin" was the reply.

Wow! This concept blew me away and seems so obvious now!

So let me tell you what we do. Our bin is made of plastic and it is reusable and rinsable, washable type, you know the type we all have. So most bins include an inner plastic bin which can be removed. This we fill with our domestic waste until it is full. We then simply take the bin out to our wheelie bin and empty straight into it.

What you find is the waste slides out effortlessly. Take your bin to the outside tap or hose and give it a rinse. Once a week I spray clean my bin out but I promised you it doesn't smell! I then once every six to twelve months jet wash or hose my wheelie bin out.

This was and still remains an incredible revelation for me. The fact we have saved not only hundreds of pounds but 1000's of bin bags going to landfill. This really is no hardship and as an advocate of this technique it saves arguments about who's going to take the bin out or the worst, ripped bin liners because you cant be bothered to take the rubbish out and squeeze as much as possible into the bin.

We have to strive for better and not keep doing things as our parents and grand parents have done for decades. We have to wake up and become conscious beings and realise there is an alternative that isn't just better but easier.

Refilling, reusing and recycling is just the start! We need to create a regenerative planet. Nature does it with ease, so we can achieve the same at least!

At Dot & Lola it is our mission to help other businesses be better and do better because we can!

Our products aren't just hair and skincare they are a symbol of a lifestyle that we all can live by. Whether its Dot & Lola that you purchase or another product that offers refillable, reusable and sustainable systems, we want to educate the industry and wider audience of the ease in which this can change.

It also makes you feel like a powerful, human being that can create change on a global scale!

Let's do better! and together we can all hold our heads up high and say to the next generation! We did that!

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