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Expert advice – our founders top tips for home hair care

No Ordinary founder and award winning stylist, Gavin Taylor, is passionate about living a life less ordinary. He’s an avid believer that beauty comes from positivity and kindness, and when he’s not creating organic hair and skin care products, he busy spreading this powerful message in his salon and beyond.

His outlook is simple – if you live well, both you and our planet will benefit. And when it comes to hair care, he’s an expert on living well. So, here’s five top tips from Gavin to keep your hair, as well as your body and mind, in great condition.

Tip #1 - Introduce coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is nature’s moisturiser. It’s packed with vitamin E and fatty acids that work wonders on dry, tired or lifeless hair. It’s also incredibly accessible, making it an amazing at home treatment.

To make the most of coconut oil’s nourishing qualities, apply it quite liberally to dry hair and leave for around half an hour. For a more intense treatment, pop a shower cap on. The heat from your head will open the cuticle, getting the goodness deep inside. Once the oil is fully absorbed, simply shampoo out and condition your hair as normal.

Tip #2 - Get into a routine

Coffee break

The secret to good hair is maintenance. It’s all well and good visiting a salon every six to eight weeks, but a great home care routine is also essential. Be sure to wash your hair using the right technique, avoid excessive use of heat and styling products, and try to include a regular at home hair treatment.

Try the latter once a week for a month and you’ll notice a massive difference. Not only will your hair feel better, but for dyed hair, it will also hold the colour better too.

Tip #3 - Work from the inside out

Salad board

A balanced diet is an essential part of any good hair care routine (not to mention vital for our overall health!) Introducing a more plant based diet and avoiding processed foods will significantly improve hair, body and mind.

Foods that are particularly good for our hair include fatty fish such as salmon, nuts, seeds and fruit and veg including spinach, avocado, sweet potato and berries.

Tip #4 - Look at the bigger picture

 Hand with beads

The way we live our lives and take care of ourselves on a day to day basis has a huge impact on our overall health, including that of our hair. Things like sudden weight loss and intense sun exposure can wreak havoc on our bodies and should be avoided.

Stress and anxiety also have massive repercussions on our hair and body health. Keep them at bay by taking regular exercise, maintain a healthy sleep pattern and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption. Mindful activities such as meditation can also work wonders for our bodies and, subsequently, the health of our hair.

Tip #5 - Be your own stylist


The confidence that comes from great looking locks can have a hugely positive effect on our mindset. And you don’t have to wait for a trip to the salon to get it.

Bored of your straight hair? Get yourself some good quality mousse and apply it to towel dried hair. Divide your hair into quarters, plait each section and fix with a bobble. Grab a diffuser and dry each section. Releasing each section in turn, tip your head upside down and blast with cold air. Break up the plaits and fix your gorgeous waves with soft hair spray.

Looking for more ways to keep your hair in tip top condition? Check out our post 7 steps for naturally healthy hair, or browse our range of natural, organic shampoos and conditioners today.

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