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Follow Your Dreams

The word dream means a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Humans spend about two hours dreaming per night, and each dream lasts around 5 to 20 minutes. (Wikipedia)

No wonder we simply leave our dreams or our aspirations exactly where they are, as thoughts. 

It is so important to follow your dreams and aspirations because if we don't we simply stand still, motionless or stationary in our progress as human beings.

Our dreams do not have to be way out or lavish, they just have to be yours. 

A dream can be something you have always wanted to accomplish or achieve, a goal or target you want to reach. 

Although it is very important to live in the moment we should always be learning and pushing ourselves out of our very comfortable selves. By following your dreams you will make mistakes but this is totally fine and ideal as we always learn from getting things wrong.

So for once let go of your doubt, worry or stress about getting things wrong or not succeeding straight away. This is not possible.

We have slowly been sucked into a perfect world of social media and only see what is seemingly polished and perfected. For example, if you see someone who manages to complete 10 somersaults in a row, believe me they struggled to do just one at one point in their lives.

Many customers and clients of ours often ask how did we start our own product line and how did we go about starting such a business. We always respond by saying "one small step at a time" or "step by step". You can not go from 0 - 100mph instantly. You have to go to 1mph - 2mph - 3mph. 

I spent nearly 7 years travelling around my county as a freelance hairstylist and it was successful but it wasn't my dream. My dreams were to create a hair salon that could be a place freelance hair stylists could work in, as a team. And create my own brand of hair care that didn't cause skin irritation, contained only natural ingredients and were also kind to the planet. We as myself and my amazing wife Jane have now done it and we can not be happier as this dream keeps evolving.

You see we can't live in our passed or in our future we can only live in the present and this means quite often we forget, quite a few of us are living our dreams we just forgot what we dreamed of. 

Dreams can mean many different things to many different people so what I suggest we all do is to write down our dreams, aspirations and goals so we can all look back in years to come to see that we have accomplished them or if we haven't we can revisit them and achieve and challenge ourselves continually. 

By pushing ourselves and get comfortable being uncomfortable we will feel better about yourself and others. Giving yourself confidence and belief and also realising that achieving anything in life is tough and so it should be because from hard work or difficulty we find happiness. 

So take the next few days to write down your dreams, goals and aspirations. Even if you have no intention of following them today, it is a stark reminder when you do achieve them that us humans are incredible and capable of absolutely anything.


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