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Organic hair care with a conscience

The organic hair care market is a growing industry. Independent producers are popping up everywhere with the big names following suit, offering natural alternatives to the synthetic products that overcrowd the high street shelves.

Some cynics might call it a gimmick. A sales ploy used to capture a corner of the ever-growing market for sustainable, eco-friendly cosmetics. In some cases, they might even be right.

But not No Ordinary. We’re a brand that prides ourselves on our social conscience and our commitment to building a better future. We also pride ourselves on our transparency. So, here’s how we work towards making a difference, one bottle at a time.


We're cutting out single use plastic

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Single use plastic is killing our planet. It destroys our beaches, pollutes our oceans and endangers wildlife.

Back in the 1950’s, the estimated annual consumption of plastic materials across the world was five million tonnes. Today, in Europe alone, we generate 25 million tonnes of plastic waste. And we only recycle around 30% of it.

Here at No Ordinary, our ultimate goal is to design fully compostable packaging that also protects the quality of our organic hair and skin care products. In the meantime, we aim to remove as much single use plastic from the system as possible.

Our returns scheme offers a discount on new purchases when customers bring back their empty bottles. Our packaging is made from premium materials that don’t degrade, allowing us to reuse and keep them in circulation for as long as possible. We’re also looking at new and innovative ways to roll out this scheme to all our wholesale buyers.

We only use quality, sustainable, organic ingredients

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Our products contain natural, organic ingredients chosen for their effectiveness, their sustainability and the level of protection they offer to both us and our planet. This ensures:

They don’t damage our ecosystem– not only are our ingredients organically grown, they’re also fully biodegradable. This protects our rivers, streams and fish from the damaging effects of the synthetic ingredients found in many other cosmetic products.

They don’t damage our bodies– As with our ecosystem, synthetic ingredients can cause lasting damage to our health. No Ordinary is kind to our bodies, only using ingredients that work to maintain a natural, healthy balance. For more info on the potentially harmful ingredients that can be found in hair care products, check out our post Natural vs. synthetic: what’s in your shampoo (and what’s not in ours)?

They cause no harm to animals– All our products are 100% cruelty free. And as we’re all made more aware of how small steps towards a more plant-based lifestyle can have a huge impact on our planet’s future, they’re also 100% vegan friendly.

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We operate a sustainable supply chain

All our ingredients are sourced from small producers and farming cooperatives based in the UK. These producers operate by the highest standards, ensuring each and every ingredient that goes into the No Ordinary range is sustainably grown and free from any pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals and any form of genetic modification. They also share our ethical business ethos, working with care, consideration and respect for nature and the environment. 

And since all our products are manufactured right here in the UK, we’re also keeping our supply chain carbon footprint to a minimum. 

We make social responsibility a priority

We strongly believe that every business, no matter its size, has a part to play in caring for our planet. And we look to lead by example by making social responsibility our core principle.

The No Ordinary range was created behind the scenes of the Gavin Taylor Hair Salon, and we work as one to run both businesses with the highest ethical standards. From business cards made of old t-shirts to our Honesty Bakery, which raises funds for the local dog’s trust, we continually think outside the box to create new ideas that benefit our customers, our community and our planet. 

We’re a small company but we believe we can make a big difference. For us, No Ordinary is a mantra. It’s how we aim to live our lives and influence those around us to do the same. You can be part of our journey by browsing the No Ordinary organic hair care range today.

We believe every business, no matter their size, has a responsibility to care for the future of our planet. Here’s how No Ordinary plans to make a difference, one bottle at a time.

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