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Our process: ethical hair care in the making

The ingredients that go into our natural, organic hair and skin care products are incredibly important to us. We ensure we use the very best that nature has to offer, finding perfect blends that combine therapeutic benefits with salon quality results.

Hair care product ingredients

But equally important is the way those ingredients are sourced, handled and processed.

An important distinction here is that between ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. Any product that is minimally processed and free from artificial ingredients can lay claim to the natural label. To be organic however, these natural ingredients must be grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and meet strict standards of production.

We have taken every care to find partners that operate by the highest standards, ensuring each and every ingredient that goes into No Ordinary is sustainably grown and free from any pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals and any form of genetic modification.

Where our ingredients come from

Planting seeds

Whilst our products are all manufactured here in the UK, our ingredients are sustainably sourced from their natural countries of origin and, where possible, the means by which they are harvested give back to the environment and communities from which they came.

For example, the Argan oil found in No Ordinary is the product of an ecosystem restoration project in southwestern Morocco. This sustainability initiative ensures the continued growth of the Argan trees and ongoing work opportunities for those responsible for extracting the oil. The farming cooperative responsible for this project distributes profits raised from the sale of the oil amongst the local Berber tribe.

Our entire supply chain is built on these ethical foundations and we pride ourselves in working with suppliers and producers that share our values. For us, it’s not just about creating a product that ticks the organic, vegan friendly and cruelty free boxes (although this is also high on our list of priorities!) It’s about operating our business in a way that creates a positive impact at each stage of the journey.

How our products are made

Production line

Many of the ingredients found in No Ordinary products come in the form of essential oils. Essential oils are not made, rather they are extracted from plant materials.

The methods used in this extraction process are incredibly important, as some include chemical processes that result in end products not considered to be true essential oils. The method of extraction will also affect the overall quality of the oils.

Our essential oils are extracted through two main techniques: cold-press extraction and steam distillation.

Cold-pressed oils

Our citrus oils are extracted through the cold-press technique and come only from the peel of the fruit. A device is used to pierce the peel to rupture the essential oil sacs, located on the underside of the rind. The liquid is collected and separated from any remaining solids, leaving a high quality end product that preserves the aromatic scent and therapeutic botanical essence of the fruit.

Many products use water and steam distilled citrus oils, extracted from the whole fruit. Whilst this is a cheaper process, the quality of the essential oils is compromised as a result.

In addition, our bergamot oil undergoes molecular distillation. Bergamot has a number of therapeutic benefits and helps to deliver the salon quality results of the No Ordinary hair care range. However, it also contains bergapten, a naturally occurring chemical compound found in many plant species and associated with potentially serious skin inflammation. The distillation process removes the molecules responsible, ensuring our bergamot oil is 100% safe for use on skin and hair.

Steam distilled oils

The steam distillation technique is the best way to extract essential oils from plants. This complex process uses steam to turn the plants aromatic molecules into vapour, which is then cooled back to liquid form.

Through using these methods, we ensure all our essential oils are aromatherapy grade and retain the beneficial nature of their source. Our essential oils are then combined with effective carriers, such as coconut oil, to create our hair and skin care products, with each ingredient added at different stages of production, ensuring each one works to its optimum healing level.

The whole package

Book - World Changing

We’re incredibly proud of the supply chain we have created, the processes by which our products are made, and the end results they offer.

Our goal is to continue to create natural, organic, cruelty free and vegan friendly products that are kind to both us and the planet, without compromising on quality.

As we look to expand our range, we’re also investing in research to develop fully compostable packaging for all our products, continuing with our commitment to a better future for our planet.

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